Audability specializes in providing educational audiology services to Central Texas students who do not receive this support through a Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. 

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Audability's mission:

1. To support school districts by providing cost-effective, data-driven, audiologic support to comply with student IEP/504 plans.

2. To support teachers by providing technical support and audiologic information.

3. To support students by programming and verifying that classroom amplification is functioning at optimal and safe levels for their hearing loss.

4. To support students' families by acting as their liaison between audiologists, physicians and school staff.

Explore this website for specific information on what Audability can do and how these services benefit students and schools.  On our links page you will find information to help district staff, teachers and families learn more about hearing loss, hearing aids, FM systems, classroom acoustics, and school districts' responsibilities regarding classroom amplification systems.  

Please contact us through the webpage, at or 512-686-8286 to discuss how Audability can work with you to meet the unique needs of your district and students.  Hear here.