Why would a school district need an audiologist? According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association: "Educational audiologists are uniquely qualified to understand the impact of hearing loss on classroom learning and have the knowledge and skills to recommend specific strategies and technology to meet the individual communication, academic and psychosocial needs of students with hearing loss".  Read more about us here:

Still not sure about a school district's responsibility to monitor the function of classroom amplification? It's the law.  See IDEA B section 34CFR300.113 below:

Confused about the differences between 504 vs. Special Education? Read below for an explanation:

Information on the different public school settings/supports for students with auditory impairments in Texas can be found here:

Need a way to determine if and when a student is having difficulty listening in the classroom? The "Listening Inventory for Education" (LIFE) can be very helpful:

Classroom are noisy places.  Here is some excellent information about classroom acoustics and how they impact students, especially those with hearing loss:

FM system help students hear the teacher over auditory distractions or from a distance.  Learn more about it below:

Hearing is believing! Watch this clip to find out what FMs can do:

These three companies produce commonly used FMs Read below for information about their products:

We love this eye opening Fred Flintstone video on what different degrees of hearing loss sound like.  Listen for yourself:


If you know of a helpful link you think we should share, please let us know.  We would love to add it to our list of resources.